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El Forn de la Cantonada

Ticket> get a typical catalan ‘pa de pages’ exchanging ticket when buying products at Forn de la Cantonada (c/dos de Maig 314bis) Open from 6am to 21hr
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The Shop> The 4rth generation family bakery still keeps offering a quality product mixing tradition with new varieties of bread and baked goods. You may also order a big pizza (45cmx35cm) with 6 drinks for 30€.Tey open from 6am to 21hrs.

People> Being a many generation’s store, the treatment is very kind and familiar. Most don’t speak any language but Spanish and catalan, but their smile and effort to suite you, will make you forget languages. Jaume, the owner, studies english some afternoons and is always happy to say hi to the guests while practicing. He is also a great skier during the weekends! Ask him for skihillsand snow aulity if interested!

Product> ‘Pa de pagés’ is a typical catalan round bread from the XVII century. Payés is a country person that, when working many days out of home, all they had as food was this round, thick crust and soft crumb bread which tipped with cheese or Catalonian sausage and wine.

Recipie> ‘Pa amb tomàquet’ is very well know not as a recipie, but as an ingenious way to tip a simple slice of bread. It consists of cutting a tomato on a half and scrub it over the toasted slice of ‘pa de pagés’. When the slice is well red, drop genteelly olive oil an a pinch of salt. You may eat it with cheese, catalan sausage or Spanish jam

La Fruiteria de la Tere

Ticket> get two tomatos exchanging ticket when buying products at ‘La Fruiteria de la Tere’ (c/Cartagena 302) Open from 10am to 20hr
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The Shop> This fruit shop has first quality vegetables, fruits and legume. You may also find some wine and hedges.The shop is full of the products colors and adds charm with its boxes standing out on the street.

People> Tere and her husband are the owners and workers of the store. Even though they don’t talk English, you may ask them for special season products and also for varieties of the same product to try all of them. They have almost 7 kinds of different tomatos.

Product> The tomato is one of most essential ingredients of Catalan cuisine since the 17th century. There are many kinds of tomatos not only in taste but also in texture and malleability. If buying a tomato to rip over a slice of bread; this should be soft. If making a complete salad with many ingredients; the tomato should be small. If making a simple salad; the tomato should be big, bumpy and willingly.

Recipie> There are many easy ways of eating tomatos. The most simple one, doesn’t belong to catalan cusine but from another mediterranen area: Italy. Easy cut the tomato in perpendicular slices, put a fresh modzarella slice and basil leave over it and pour some olive oil and a pinch of salt. A spanish way to eat the tomatos is to empty them and then filling them with a mix that contains goat cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper. You may serve them cold or warm.

La Granja

Ticket> get an expresso coffe exchanging ticket when buying products at ‘La Granja’ (c/Dos de Maig 314) Open from 6am to 19hr
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The Shop> Granja means Farm, however it used to be a common catalan way in the 70’s to name some cafeterias where to have a snack in Sunday’s morning or afternoon. Now, you find in La Granja a cafeteria with the greatest sandwiches and many tortilla types. They also offer one of the cheapest and quality midday menus (9€ for main dish, second, dessert, drink, bread and coffe from 13:00 to 16:00). You can also ask to take away.

People> Jordi and Pepe are father and son, the owners and workers of the cafeteria. Jordi is a brother of Jaume from the bakery. Both have lived in the neighborhood since they were born. Pepe is young and charming, he will be happy to tell you were to have a drink and which concerts are on in the city.

Product> Expresso coffe it’s an Italian product, however it belongs to citizens everyday life.

Tip> Most citizens work from 9:00 to 20:00 with many breaks to have lunch or coffe. The morning coffe break usually is taken between 8 and 12am, however the authentic atmosphere of a cafeteria where everyone knows eachother is from 8 to 9:30am. You may also have early breakfast when coming home from partying since they open at 6am.

Jalisco Barcelona
Guillem Barcelona


Ticket> get an Orujo shot exchanging ticket when buying products at ‘Jalisco’ (c/Dos de Maig 314) Open from 8am to 3hr
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The Shop> Jalisco is a typical neighborhood bar.

People> Fidel and his wife Isabel run the business. Fidel is an expert in hedges and asparagus capture. He speaks French perfectly and will be happy to answer any question considering its cusine. But do not ask for the places to capture hedges! It’s always the expert secret. Maybe you’ll be lucky if he takes you there…

Product> Orujo shot is a typical Spanish alcohol drink to have after the meals. Even though is typical from Galicia, it’s very extended in all Spain.

Tip> Every Friday night the ‘Orquesta Plástica’ meets at Jalisco to play from 20pm to 24hr. Even being part of other professional orchestras, on Fridays they play the instruments done by themselves with plastics. You cannot miss this Plastic Jam session that mixes with guitars to play the typical Catalan Rumba.


Ticket> get a beauty sample exchanging ticket when buying products at ‘Guillen’ (c/Industria 168) Open from 10 to 14 and from 16 to 20hr
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The Shop> Guillen Perfumery makes his own basic products. They also have very cheap prices for top perfumes, make up and shampoos. You may even find some products that cannot find anywhere else.

Rosa Maria and her family run this business. They are a always smiling and kind family that will help you in any kind of question you may have about life.

Product> Beauty samples or perfume samples.
Tip> Entering this shop is an authentic experience that will take you to the neighborhood shops ambient of the 70’s. Its interior, some products, its people and the Chihuahua close to the cash machine, make it be a visit you cannot miss.


Ticket> get a taste of Teruel Jam exchanging ticket when buying 20€ of products at ‘Tutusaus’ (c/Industria 165) Open from 10 to 14 and from 16 to 20hr
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The Shop> This Delicatessen butcher’s shop has first quality jams and sausages hanging from the ceiling. You may also find a great and variated offer of cheese.

People> Also family business, they are extremely professional and will advice and show you the differences of their products.

Product> Teruel Jam is a basic quality Spanish Jam.

Tip> You may choose and buy any of the Jams hanging from the ceiling. If more comfortable for the trip, they could cut it at the moment in four pieces or either cut in slices and storage it in vacuum packages. You will be able to see all the process behind the glass.


sugeriments amb preu (ex. Visita Sitges amb tren + una paella + cau ferrat =50€, calçotada a Can Marti per 30€…)